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"The ISO 22301 is a standard that prescribes organizations to effectively develop and implement the requirements of the ISO/IEC 22301 standard, which may include a BCM policy, BCM strategies and BCM Plans."

What we do

CyberArmour approach to Business Continuity Management (BCM) is based on assisting organizations to adopt and embed a BCM lifecycle that comprises of the required BCM elements for establishing a Business Continuity Management program.  This approach and methodology can be implemented by organizations of all sizes, in all sectors, Public, Private, Non-Profit, Educational, Manufacturing, etc.   Our BCM consultancy service includes assessing your current BCM environment, and developing the appropriate BCM plans, policies, and procedures, in alignment with the requirements of the international BCM standard, ISO/IEC 22301.  We provide the technical expertise and project management capabilities needed to build an efficient Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) that safeguard the interests of key stakeholders, by managing to build resilience and the capability for effective responses to potential impacts that may threaten the organization.

How We Do Our Assessment

The scope and structure of a BCM program can vary, and our effort expended will be tailored to the needs of your organization, while we will ensure that the essential elements of a BCMS be established which is capable of :

Proactively identifying the impacts of an operational disruption
Putting in place an effective response to disruptions which minimizes the impact on the organization
Maintaining an ability to manage uninsurable risks
Encouraging cross-team working
Demonstrating a credible response through a process of exercising and
Gain a competitive advantage, conferred by the demonstrated ability to maintain delivery

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