ISO 27001 Consulting

"The ISO 27001 is a standard that prescribes certain requirements of Information Security Management System and Code of practice."

What we do

We facilitate organizations to get certified for ISO 27001 standard by providing professional consultancy services. This certification demonstrates that the information is secure and well protected in the organization.

How We Do Our Assessment

CyberArmour consultants provide the technical expertise and experience to assist you to establish and document an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which is implemented, maintained, and continuously improved for effectiveness.  The scope and structure of an information security program can vary, and our effort expended will be tailored to the needs of your organization, while we will ensure that the essential elements of an ISMS lifecycle is established to :

Plan - Establish information security management strategy, policy, objectives, targets, processes and procedures to manage risk and improve cyber security in accordance with business needs, strategy, policies and objectives
Do - Identify and classify information assets, conduct risk assessment, and implement and operate controls to manage cyber security risks in a manner consistent with overall business risks
Check - Monitor and review the performance and effectiveness of the ISMS, using objective measurement
Act - Review outcomes and performance indicators or benchmarking findings, and act accordingly to continually improve the ISMS

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