ISO 31000 consulting

"The ISO 31000 is a standard that prescribes to leverage Risk Management best practices to expedite the establishment or enhancement of your Risk Management program with experienced consultants."

What we do

CyberArmour Risk Management consultants provide a structured, practical, results-oriented approach that assists management to design and implement an appropriate Risk Management System, incorporating the Principles, Policies, Frameworks, Process, Procedures, Practices, and Accountability required to establish the right levels of Risk Management in compliance with the Risk Management requirements for the organization.

How We Do Our Assessment

Our consulting services would assist your management to establish a risk program that will cover the following activities :

Determine risk management alignment (e.g., assess risk).   
Understand relevant strategic business objectives
Understand relevant business process objectives
Identify internal objectives and establish risk context 
Identify risk events associated with objectives
Assess risk associated with events
Evaluate risk responses
Prioritize and plan control activities to mitigate risk
Identify risk action plans
Maintain and monitor a risk action plan

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